Taking myself, what I create and what I have to share with others seriously

Growing up in Switzerland

Growing up in Switzerland I did not learn much about accepting Myself unconditionally in all aspects of my being.

In my early years in school I used to be ‘put into my place’ by my teachers for bringing up different views on things and for not being able to sit still on a chair for hours. And then getting older a lot of times people called me selfish for putting my own interests and well-being first.

Let’s be honest, Switzerland is beautiful and I acknowledge the privilege to have grown up in such a peaceful place, but I definitely missed the support to express and just be my honest true self, with all my ‘abnormal’ ways of approaching and doing things.

Looking back on my Journey

Looking back now, I can definitely see that I tried to fit into other peoples perception of normality, for a few years of my journey. But the more I tried to suppress how I really am, the more disconnected I would feel.

Worries about what others think of me, what I do and how I express myself creatively became so present in my reality.

I always knew 

I always knew there was something special about me, but I wasn’t accepting It as a gift. I wasn’t looking at it as something that could benefit myself and everyone around me. I allowed outer influences to dominate how I feel about Myself and I lost sight of the talents and missions to accomplish I have been given in this lifetime. 

Stop wasting your time

So here I am now, letting you know - don’t waste your time pleasing others and trying to fit into what they are looking for. Take yourself, what you create and what you have to share with others seriously. Because -  You are special too.

And only You can make the decision to fully embrace your unique talents & gifts and share them from a place of honesty & truth. 

xx P A L E T A